Welcome Deeper Learners!

We are excited to welcome you to Westwood, MA at the end of September. The Deeper Learning Boston conference has a rich history. Although this is our inaugural year of the conference, the Deeper Learning movement began in the Northeast region and spread domestically and globally from there. Please enjoy this short background on the conference itself, where we honor "On Whose Shoulders We Stand: A Brief History"

This digital program is for all things DL Boston! Be sure to select one Deep Dive for Day 1 and two Den Talks for Day 2. You will only be able to sign up for one Deep Dive! These sessions have capacity limits and will fill up. To see an overview of the event and session types, check out the event flow.

We can’t wait to see you!
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Nellie Mae Education Foundation

Our Vision: All youth have access to excellent and equitable public education that prepares them to succeed and thrive in the community.  

Our Mission: To champion efforts that prioritize community goals that challenge racial inequities and advance excellent, student-centered public education for all New England youth.

Our Values:
Put Youth at the Forefront

We must widen the lens of education to encompass the socio-cultural contexts of youth and families. Every decision the Foundation makes rests on its potential for improving the lives of our region’s youth least well-served by current systems.
Operate with a Race Equity Lens
We believe that applying a racial equity lens is essential for analyzing and solving problems that have endured for generations, impact individuals and communities of color most acutely, and ultimately affect ALL people, whether in other marginalized or privileged groups.
Build Reciprocal Relationships
Meaningful change demands a collective effort and shared problem-solving. We offer our resources and institutional knowledge with humility and attention to power dynamics. We listen and engage in authentic and equitable partnerships, mindful of our duty as a philanthropic organization, about when to step up and when to step back, and to use our power and privilege to contribute to transformational change.
Support Community-Driven Change
We believe communities should be able to drive the change that affects their lives. We must be responsive and open to addressing others’ identified priorities and use our institutional and individual privilege to share and reduce the risk for communities seeking change.
Learn, Adapt and Improve
Achieving meaningful impact requires us to think differently, see differently, and work differently. We continuously draw from research, evaluation, informal perspectives, and knowledge to learn and drive transparent results-oriented decision-making.
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